The Pope, a symbol of peace?

Pope and peace
Image The Pope, a symbol of peace?

Nowadays, many communities, nations and countries in different parts of the world are still engaged in conflicts and wars in spite of the efforts undertaken by peace organizations and associations. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat said that it is essential to attain the peace within each individual in order to address the world's hunger for serenity.

Religion is among the ways to shape inner peace. Many religious leaders focus their teachings on peace-building as it is the basic of their faith. Likewise, the catholic Pope Francis has taken several initiatives to promote global peace.

A call for prayer for global peace

Pope Francis is a promoter of universal peace as he prompts believers to pray together for one minute so that peace be established in the world. On the other hand, non-believers are encouraged to allot the time for self-reflection for the cause of peace. By joining in the supplication for harmony, it is hopeful that people be induced into fraternity and living in harmony together.

The first joint prayer for peace was initiated by several entities in 2014. The objectives are to cultivate goodness and peace among the new generations and to empower them with the ideas to become peace advocates and peace defenders. The prayers for peace are designed to instill tranquility and hope in devotees around the world.

Appeal for peace talk

Christian families in some parts of the world are oppressed as they reside in a country of fighting like in Syria. In other countries, families are forced to leave their residence because of military conflicts.

To address such issues, Pope Francis called for the intervention of the International Community to promote peace talks, provide shelters for the refugees and resolve the crisis. He also called for actions to deal with the protection and reintegration of innocent civilians and refugees.

Protection of the rights of the deprived and oppressed

The Catholic Church has always marked the World Day of peace each year. This is another opportunity for Pope Francis to advocate for the rights of the youths and children. To promote world peace, he calls for the engagement and contribution of each individual into the protection of the deprived and the needy people in the society.

Sharing messages of peace

Like the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, Pope Francis is equally a promoter of world peace through messages, which are to be spread to people worldwide through the annual Prayer for Peace Meeting. He highlights the urgent need for harmony, and respect to humanity. Pope Francis's messages of peace aims mainly at inspiring leaders to cease fire, crack down on armed conflicts and use of violence.

He shares his words of peace to one of us, especially the youths, so that they have a hope in Jesus, who has defeated death and has risen from the dead. He is the only one to restore peace and tranquility, the Pope said. Believing in Jesus' constant presence in our life and in his victory over death, is one way to symbolize Pope Francis' peaceful acts.